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Help improve IT learning Opportunities in Cameroon for better health, Educational/ Sustainable Dev

Your donations will make it possible for JEKDEF to realize specific project objectives, all donations are sourced very important funding for sustainability and rehabilitating of projects technology upgrade, Building Training Centers, Schools, Orphanages, Executes Computer Training on Wheels, Micro-finance Scheme, Environmental Related Issues for the betterment of the community poor.

Impact the community Poor
Started: May 6, 2017
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Unemployment in Cameroon is one of the highest in Africa. The situation is so acute that it has gradually degenerated into social disintegration and poverty. Poverty is rife and is part of the vicious cycle including criminality, prostitution and the spread of the HIV/AIDs.

Something has to be done fast, the government’s effort to eradicate poverty amongst the youths in Cameroon has had little or no effect. The need to empower the youths with skill and knowledge they need to organize themselves in a sustainable way is the only option to creating employment and to eradicate poverty.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide decent IT vocational educational facility. The projects activities consist of the construction of 7 classrooms fully equip with IT equipments, a library, a staff room, a hall and volunteer hostel. It includes the provision of scholarships, books and school supplies for participants. Investment in this project benefits the participant, society and the world at large and it is among the most effective apparatus known to reduce poverty and inequity.

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