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Bringing the ITC Strategic Project Solution to every  poor community

ParnerShip Scheme

Jek Development Foundation (JEK-DEF) has engage in partnership building   to help facilitate the process for community enhancement which is the preoccupation of (JEK-DEF) in general. This engagement will go a long way rehabilitating hope and dignity to the community poor.  

As we all know Jek Development Foundation is a self sustainable organisation with no governmental grant. All our funding concept are based on collective partnership engagement for the betterment of the community poor.       

Engaging as a partner will enable JEK-DEF realize her long awaited dream in creating mutual corporation within the international context so as to enable us build a more harmonious and effective community.

In a wide range of value and sustainability JEK-DEF is willing to make a long-lasting partnership with international organizations that will bring the most value of their organizational skills, reliability, project and people management, and basic enthusiasm. At this point, our work depends largely on partnership engagement, support and involvement plus generous financial support to kick-start some of our projects or replicate sustainable.

Donations realized 
All donation made to the realization of specific objective, either by individuals, national/international organizations, NGOs and Foundations are sourced very important funding for sustainability and rehabilitating of projects and staffs technology upgrade, Building Training Centers, Schools, Orphanages, Executes Computer Training on Wheels, Micro-finance Scheme, Environmental Related Issues for the betterment of our community.

Donations Procedure

Donations can be accepted in Cash and can be made by person online bank to bank transfer...

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